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Write documentation about the role of tech ambassadors and their workflows
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Apr 4 2018, 10:16 AM
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A workboard for the group was recently created .
Per some very relevant observations by ambassadors themselves, there isn't a page detailing what an ambassador is currently supposed to do,
and we should fill this gap so that recruiting the next wave of participants, when it's easier for them to understand what exactly they are volunteering for, should be easier.
A must have in this documentation is certainly how to use the workboard: how to watch it/details about notifications etc., everything that makes using it efficient and not a burden will be necessary.
It is possible that the manual for Tech News could be of inspiration for what kind of content we're envisioning here.

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I'm seein' you editin' :p Any plans to share? Thanks.

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As discussed in email, I under-estimated the complexity of this, and will bump completion to early next quarter. But an outline has been made and a plan confirmed. :)

I appreciate your efforts, Nick. I should have elaborated more. Maybe we could book some time and discuss?

Let's say goal complete, so that I avoid perfectionism inclinations. Trizek will work on next steps for getting feedback, and we'll all help iterate it from here.