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Adjust bandwidth/connection limits, memory settings on labstore1006,7 as appropriate
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We had bandwidth and number of connections severely capped on dataset1001; there was also a memory setting for dealing with those heavy rsync reads. We should revisit all of those, now that we are on a beefier server.

  • higher_min_free_kbytes set in profile::dumps::distribution::rsync
  • nginx connection and bw limits set in modules/dumps/templates/web/xmldumps/nginx.conf.erb

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A brief check suggests not many changes are a good idea. It needs some more work, but I'm not working on it right now, so I am tossing it back on the stack.

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Will it be possible to lift the bandwidth cap for specific hosts within CloudVPS? Currently, the limit is at 5 MB/s which is painfully slow when it comes to archiving the dumps, Wikibase dumps alone is at 560 GB, it will take almost the whole week to archive just one item, not forgetting that there are also other dumps that will take up the bandwidth as well.