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Setup Central Notice campaign
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  • duration and dates: 07.05. - 16.05.2018
  • buckets: 2 (a & b)
  • banner diet: 80%
  • impression rate per user: 5

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Verena updated the task description. (Show Details)
kai.nissen renamed this task from define central-notice-setup to Setup Central Notice campaign.Apr 25 2018, 11:50 AM

WLE is running parallely. On agreement with Martin Rulsch a single WLE campaign was created:

When starting the editor campaign, the WLE campaign shall be reduced to 20%.

@Verena Does this information ("When starting the editor campaign, the WLE campaign shall be reduced to 20%.", see T191501#4178671) influence out banner diets in any sense? Important for the analytics in order to adjust the data by banner impression rates if they change.

@GoranSMilovanovic It should not influence the analytics. We won't change the banner diet of our banners. But readers may see the WLE banner AND our banners if they do not click or close the banner which was shown in the first place.


  • Page views
uri_query	                Count	CampaignDay
?campaign=WMDE_2018_sprbt1	14442	2018-5-7
?campaign=WMDE_2018_sprbt2	15512	2018-5-7
?campaign=WMDE_2018_sprbt1	15483	2018-05-08
?campaign=WMDE_2018_sprbt2	16321	2018-05-08
  • User registrations
event_campaign	        Count	CampaignDay
WMDE_2018_sprbt1	118	2018-5-7
WMDE_2018_sprbt2	78	2018-5-7
WMDE_2018_sprbt1	101	2018-05-08
WMDE_2018_sprbt2	81	2018-05-08

Note: UTC to CET conversion not yet applied.
Note: I am unable to get any banner impression data on WMDE_2018_sprbt1 or WMDE_2018_sprbt2 from /beacon/impression on I wonder whether am I looking for the correct banners (see T191501#4178671).

@kai.nissen Could you check on that? I am not much of a help here.

Sorry for the confusion. I just realized, that the banners were deployed to different banner page names:


These should give you results for banner impression data.

@kai.nissen Thanks, Kai.
@Verena the next daily report will include banner impression data, and delivered to T191502.

This open task is about dates in May 2018 (ten months ago). Any updates? Is this task still valid? Should it be associated to a project that's not in the past?