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Have a better "Thanked" indicator
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would be nice if there's was some indicator showing a comment was 'Thanked'. I received a 'You were Thanked' notification, but looking at the thread i cannot see which comment was thanked. Is it that green edge on the left? Might encourage participation if it says explicitly "Thanked X times".

Just a thought.

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@Johnywhy, I guess you are referring to a Structured discussion talk page (that green border is only on SD)? That green edge shows the comment you've been thanked for.

Showing how many thanks have been received already have a ticket: T181753: Display whether Thanks has been given to a reply on Structured discussions :)

Should this task get closed per last comment, or are there specific aspects not covered yet?

maybe-- the other thread seems inconclusive, and it doesn't seem to mention "number of thanks" or something besides the green stripe. maybe i misread.

i posted my comments on the other thread, so you can close this one

The green stripe is only used to highlight any comment quoted: when you click on a mention, when you share a link to a direct comment, etc. Check that example. That's not related to thanks.