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Remove Thanks for autopromote log
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Since yesterday thanking for log entries is possible. Great. Thanks a lot :-)

But the thank function for autopromote log actions is IMHO useless:

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This happens because the ThanksLogTypeWhitelist config only lists top-level log types, not type+action combinations (subtypes, basically). In this case, it lists the type rights, but we really only want to allow thanks for rights/rights, not for rights/autopromote. A code change would be needed to accept subtypes in this list.

So how do you want to do this; should it be set up like:

$wgThanksLogTypeWhitelist = [

Or like:

$wgThanksLogTypeWhitelist = [
	["rights" => "rights"]

Change 492595 had a related patch set uploaded (by Setian; owner: Setian):
[mediawiki/extensions/Thanks@master] Allow the log type whitelist to have entries like "rights/rights"

Change 492595 abandoned by MaxSem:
Allow the log type whitelist to have entries like "rights/rights"

Banned user.

@MaxSem This shouldn't matter, as the code is fine. I would be willing to adopt this change.

I'm not really able to find a reason why this user has been banned anyway. He's made some quite controversal suggestions, but from what I've seen he hasn't behaved that badly.

Change 593204 had a related patch set uploaded (by Majavah; owner: Majavah):
[mediawiki/extensions/Thanks@master] Allow restricting log entry thanking to subtypes

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Requesting review from Growth-Team. Please note that the attached Gerrit revision only adds technical ability to change a configuration variable for this, I didn't modify the defaults yet but it should be as simple as changing rights to rights/rights in $wgThanksLogTypeWhitelist.

Change 593204 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/Thanks@master] Allow restricting log entry thanking to subtypes

Now that this is technically possible to configure, should it be done as a default on all Thanks installations or on WMF config only?

I don't see anything Wikimedia-specific in the rationale for the change.

I don't think there's anything left for the Growth team to do here so removing from the sprint board. Please feel free to re-add if that's incorrect or it changes.