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don't invite people to post messages into archives
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If you try to access an archive that doesn't exist, like if I have two talk archive pages and you try to access Archive_3, which would normally be redlinked, Wikipedia says, "Post a message to Nick Levinson/Archive 3." It also says, "No messages have been posted for this user yet." Of course, they have been posted, but to the current talk page, not into the redlinked archive. I'm not sure if any users have nonexistent archives on their watchlists and would ever find out if any message were posted into a nonexistent archive, at least until the recipient tried to create a new archive, perhaps months or years later.

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Thanks for reporting this issue.

The design of these archive pages is currently handled directly by the English Wikipedia community and other projects editors, not by the MediaWiki software.

As such, I'd recommend to post this issue on

But if you wish to suggest a MediaWiki feature to improve archives pages management, you're welcome to do so.

Xaosflux triaged this task as Lowest priority.Apr 8 2018, 12:56 AM
Xaosflux added a subscriber: Xaosflux.

From a read, the problem is actually with the verbiage for posting to nonexistent user talk/talk SUBPAGES. Not necessarily just "archives" - on enwiki this is templated in and may be adjustable there.

From my understanding, this is a request to change on-wiki content and needs to be dealt with on the corresponding wiki.
As we don't track issues with on-wiki content here I am closing this task as invalid, but please reopen if I misunderstood somehow. Thanks!