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Add a special page to keep track of variables
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A nice-to-have addition to the features of Variables would be a special page that keeps track of all variable names that are in use in a given wiki and provides information about how often they are used. Additionaly, it could provide a list of pages where variables are explicity defined. This data should be cached similar to Core special pages providing lists.

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Even though this is a useful, really interesting task, it's highly unprobable that I'll be able to work at this in the mid-term.

However, if you want to work on this task, feel free to claim it and raise the priority if you want to.

Whoever works on this needs to make sure that the functionality can handle potentially hundreds of different named variables (and potentially thousands of variable uses) on a single page, and thousands of different named variables across the wiki.

This would be implemented partially by T197493, if it's accepted. You could use #vardefine and #vardefineecho tags to track where Variables are defined. However, there are some caveats:

  • You can't find a variable with a ceratin name this way. However, we could add further page_props information to allow this.
  • Transcluded variable definitions probably wouldn't be excluded.
  • You could create an edge case too large for page_props (It has a size of 32 or 64 GB if I remember correctly.)
  • There is no simple way to get a list of every variable in use, except for iterating over all usages of #vardefine(echo).
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