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Bundle LoginNotify extension with MediaWiki
Open, MediumPublic


  • Passed security review or already Wikimedia deployed
  • Voting CI structure tests
  • Runs MediaWiki-CodeSniffer
  • Runs phan
  • Supports MySQL, SQLite, and Postgres (no schema changes)
  • GPL v2 or later compatible license
  • Extension's default configuration provides optimal experience
  • Tested with web installer
  • T191738: Bundle Echo extension with MediaWiki

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Does the installer support extension dependencies now?

Does the installer support extension dependencies now?

Yes, as of today.

Is MIT license not acceptable?

It is. But I review each file in the repository just to make sure. For example, I noticed the while OATHAuth is GPL v2 or later, it also included an upstream library that was GPL v3 or later. (Also I have to keep track of file's licensing status for Debian, so doing the license review now saves me time later on).

@Legoktm Is this one ready to go, or do you still need to check the licensing re: Debian?

This one is still waiting on Echo

CCicalese_WMF renamed this task from Bundle LoginNotify extension with MW 1.32 to Bundle LoginNotify extension with MediaWiki.Nov 10 2018, 6:48 PM