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Investigate failed import attempt with "Sinfonía de las Piedras..."
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We had a failed import attempt with,_valle_de_Garni,_Armenia,_2016-10-02,_DD_33.jpg on beta. Another attempt succeeded.


Acceptance criteria:
Look into the logs and find out why @Lea_WMDE 's attempt failed.

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@Lea_WMDE When you tried to upload that file and added the comment in T191026#4111579 was that upload attempt on or on our own test wiki?

I think it was on test, but I am not 100% sure anymore

@Lea_WMDE hehe, I guess it was on our wiki. I found logs about my attempt on test but not from your attempt. Since our custom wiki has not had all the logging enabled back then we cannot look further into the cause of the problem.

But from the stack trace given, and the fact that it works one time and fails the other I strongly feel it is the same thing as in T176871 and should be fixed now.

WMDE-Fisch closed this task as Resolved.May 3 2018, 7:26 AM