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Reflect atomic changes in wbeditentity summary
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  • changes via wbeditentity performed through ChangeOp should show a summary identical to the performed ChangeOp's summary, if only one change was performed
  • poke @Lydia_Pintscher about how multiple changes could be reflected in the summary in the future


  • lexeme-specific API (e.g. wblremoveform) end points currently generate meaningful summaries but the same ChangeOps used through wbeditentity has none

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Apparently Watchlist entries on client wikis already have summary changes presented in a single line. @Lydia_Pintscher says that doing something similar in this case would be appropriate.
TODO: add screenshot of the client wiki watchlist, possibly some more code pointers etc

It would be fantastic to have more meaningful edit summaries with wbeditentity. It's of course hard to do this in general, but it would be great to have this for some common cases where a short summary seems doable (adding multiple statements with the same property, for instance).

@matej_suchanek: Partly, but as I get it, this is more general than the other one? This include (at least on the level of considering) possible "joining" of "appropriate autocomments" when there are multiple, whereas as I get the other, it is about using the "atomic" summary, when only atomic change has been made. Or do I get it wrong?