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Enable pull to refresh on individual reading lists
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User story

As a user of reading list sync on multiple devices, I want to be able to update syncing within a single reading list to which I have saved articles, so that I can continue to browse within that list without needing to exist to all lists to refresh.

NOTE: The above situation is likely to increase in occurrence when the Desktop browser extension (see T191221).

Steps to reproduce

**Pre-conditions: User has reading list syncing enabled and is logged into their account on 2 devices.

  1. Open device A to view the default 'Saved' list, noting the number of articles saved.
  2. Go to device B and add some articles to the default 'Saved' list.
  3. Return to device A to view the default 'Saved' list. Upon seeing that the list has not updated, pull down to refresh.


Pulling down to refresh in the individual list triggers syncing, and the 'Saved' list updates to show the articles added in step 2.


Nothing happens.

Event Timeline

Change 425874 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dbrant; owner: Dbrant):
[apps/android/wikipedia@master] Enable swipe-to-refresh for individual reading lists.

Change 425874 merged by jenkins-bot:
[apps/android/wikipedia@master] Enable swipe-to-refresh for individual reading lists.

hey @Dbrant - is there any chance this could be included in Hot Pepper?

Oh shoot, I neglected to move this out of code review. This has already been merged, and is actually part of the current beta, slated for production. Let's by all means put it in H.