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Lessons learned from FactGrid SPARQL setup
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  • Was the documentation adequate?
  • Were there any unexpected issues?

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The documentation (mw:Wikidata Query Service/Implementation/Standalone) was adequate, most of the issues that turned up were more due to FactGrid than due to the documentation (for instance, non-standard ports were not reachable, so I could not test running BlazeGraph on a port like 9999 except via SSH port forwarding).

However, I was not aware how hard it is to configure the query service UI for a different installation – currently, the gui repository on FactGrid has uncommitted changes in seven files, which makes it very annoying to update (you have to stash and pop the changes before/after each pull, each time running a risk of merge conflicts). At some point we should move towards a model where the only thing you have to adjust is a single configuration file not tracked in Git.

Can you please open a ticket for getting the remaining changes upstream and making them configurable?