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Create promotional material for reading list browser extensions
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Why are we doing this

Since there is no UI on the web to view reading lists in the MVP, the target audience for this extension are existing reading list app users who also would like to save to reading lists on the web. We should provide an easy way to access information about extension installation etc on a webpage for interested parties.

User story

I want to find out more about reading list extension in the web, so that I can make a decision and follow guidelines for use directly from my desktop device.

Proposed solution

1. FAQ/instructions webpage

Create a single page on mediawiki with the following info:

  • list of browser extensions offered with respective links
  • instructions that it is for those who have the Wikipedia app, and that it is is necessary to log in to a Wikipedia account to enable sync
  • any privacy and legal info
2. Promote web extensions within the apps via Announcement cards T192664: Announce browser extension support for Reading Lists in the apps
  • Target only the recent app versions that have the sync feature available
  • Potentially target only to users with sync enabled/have at least 1 article saved
  • Call to action may take users to the FAQ/Instructions page
3. Update app FAQs

Update the FAQs with information about browser extensions

4. Content for browser webstores

A. Chrome
i. 128x128 icon (may reuse app icon)
ii. At least one 1280x800 or 640x400 screenshot or YouTube video
iii. 440x280 small tile icon - for Chrome Web Store wall

B. Firefox
i. 64x64px icon
ii. Screenshot - at least one. "Capture the smallest possible screenshots, ideally no larger than 700x525px as this is the maximum size of the screenshots displayed in AMO’s pop-up viewer."

C. Safari
i. Icon at least 64x64px png, (highest noted is 128x128px)

ZIP files containing the above:

5. Blog post on the Wikimedia blog outlining feature, privacy and browser use

Event Timeline

RHo triaged this task as Medium priority.Apr 11 2018, 2:32 PM
RHo created this task.

FYI - I've made an initial skeleton of the info page for browser extensions here:

@RHo what do you need to finalize the info page?

hey @LGoto, besides general copy-editing punch up, the following info is missing:

  • Links to download the browser extensions from the respective stores
  • Privacy and data storage info that may be relevant
  • Other disclaimers or FAQ information that may be missing
  • some screenshots of the feature

hey @Mholloway @LGoto - assets for webstores (outlined above) are attached in this ZIP

Hi @Mholloway over to you - Rita has attached the assets above and Legal has finalized their policy. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!

Mholloway renamed this task from Create promotional material for reading list browser extension to Create promotional material for reading list browser extensions.May 23 2018, 7:36 PM
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