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Create web interface for suspicious edits
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There is a feature "suspicious edits" which is used to flag edit as suspicious (used when you see something that is likely vandalism, but you aren't sure and want someone else to have a look). Huggle is collecting suspicious edits to postgre database (but can store it anywhere else actually, for each suspicious edit a web API hosted on wikimedia cloud is called).

We aren't currently doing nothing with these collected data. It would be nice if we created some web interface that would display list of (recent) suspicious edits, that probably need an expert review.

Each edit that isn't a top revision anymore should probably be automatically removed from there.

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Petrb triaged this task as Low priority.May 13 2018, 7:44 PM

I personally mark edits suspicious when I believe them to be non-constructive, but I'm unable to explain why, in policy, it should be reverted.[1] In other words, it's a "this is probably a bad edit, but I want a second user to look at it" button for me—the ephemeral nature of it is partly why I find it especially helpful.

Perhaps this web investigation could be used in more of a "needs investigation" type of context? For example, marking edits that introduce or change factual statements in a plausible way, but need either thorough investigation or technical knowledge to be able to verify it. This could help me, and probably others, with being able to keep a momentum while reviewing changes without having to stop for 15 minutes to review a single edit that isn't blatantly disruptive.

[1]: I also suspect that I'm either the only one who uses this feature regularly, or I'm just not seeing the message when it's used ;).