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Enable article count in Txikipedia namespace
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Currently we can't count items in Namespace Txikipedia, as we can only do it via a category. But articles in category count also counts categories in categories, templates and so on. Would it be possible to enable article count per namespace?

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You probably can count them with a SQL query on

FROM page
WHERE page_namespace = 104 AND page_is_redirect = 0;

But if you wish something more like MediaWiki does, you can filter the pages to include only those with one link (ie you don't count orphaned page):

FROM pagelinks
INNER JOIN page ON pl_from = page_id
WHERE page_namespace = 104
AND page_is_redirect = 0;


Is it possible to include this result in a Wikimedia page?

You can create a bot and update the count once a hour/day/week/month/whatever. Or, maybe you can create a Lua script that will provide you a function to return the number on demand. @matej_suchanek can help you with Lua modules if you want.

Quarry let you export the resultset table in wikicode, that you can copy/paste to a wikipage. Note that it's not yet possible to automatically re-execute a quarry periodically (T101835).

I think that we can close this task as invalid, since nothing can be done in the Wikimedia-Site-requests project.

Ok... if there's no solution, we could mark it as invalid.