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Packagist is not picking up data-values/number 0.10.0
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Even though the configuration for Packagist on GitHub is there, Packagist is not picking up the new [[|0.10.0]] release of the component (

I already deleted the release once and re-tagged it, but that also didn't have any effect.

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I think the package needs to be manually updated on packagist. I am not sure automatic update there works properly (or whether it is enabled at all). Unfortunately, it looks like only the owners can see auto-update status.
@daniel and @thiemowmde are the owners, so one of them needs to push the button.

thiemowmde claimed this task.

I updated manually, as I always do. Packagist does have this issue for years. They know it, but can't figure out how to fix it: @hoo, if you tell me your Packagist account, I will make you administrator on all packages possibly relevant for you.