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Add categories to "Betreff" within the contact form in order to filter incoming emails in otrs
Open, Needs TriagePublic


As a fundraising service team member,
I want to filter incoming emails in otrs by categorizing the request,
so that we can prioritize.

Acceptance Criteria:

Visitors on our donation website uses the contact form pretty often. By adding a drop down in the field "Betreff" and the possibility for the user to choose a categorie of her/his request, we would be able to work with filter in the otrs way better. I think that we only need main categories and not subcategories, which appears when you choose a main category.

The gain would be a more efficient work with otrs of the fundraising service team. We would provide the categories once the integration effort is discussed.

Update: After talking with our service team we would like to change to have a change in the Betreff. Now, the chosen Betreff in the contact form is saved in the email body. Please change in order to have the chosen Betreff in the eMail-Betreff of the otrs ticket. This can be changed right away.

Once the categories are being implmented, we can discuss if we stick to that (so we could filter according to the betreff in the header and have a free field) or if we save the category information in the body.