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User talk on Vietnamese wikipedia has grown to 78% of the total wiki page count
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We realized this while looking at the shard size of viwiki_general in elasticsearch (see T192064).
After having a quick look it seems that a bot a running on viwiki is creating what seems to be welcome message on IP users.
The bot is TuanminhBot.
The activity generated by this bot is non negligible.
This ticket is about discussing whether we should take actions to limit/disable this bot.

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@Aklapper I left the tags empty deliberately because I have no clue what to put in here, thanks for your suggestions :)

dcausse renamed this task from User talk on Vietname wikipedia has grown to 78% of the total wiki page count to User talk on Vietnamese wikipedia has grown to 78% of the total wiki page count.Apr 12 2018, 11:45 AM

@Nemo_bis it seems to me a waste of server resources and caught my attention because we generally don't take this kind of actions (increase shard count) on wikis of this size. I'm afraid that the solution used by this bot is not scalable as it creates many wiki pages.

@dcausse: If someone sees potential issues, have you considered contacting the bot owner to express concerns? (As we don't know absolute numbers I'm not sure how to judge the "server resources" part.)

Why is this a problem?

Well, for one the bot seems to be welcoming anonymous users that have not even made any logged edits to Vietnamese Wikipedia (no abusefilter records, no contribs, don’t think it’s in deleted). So that is definitely a problem.

Hello guys. I am the TuanminhBot owner.

Our viwiki had had large number of IP contribs, (700k unique viewers each day vs 1400 active users) so I thought that putting welcome in the IP talks is good IP training and make them aware of Wikipedia and its rules.

The result is all right, the active user number increase from 1400 to 1600 and unique viewer number also increase to 800k.

But now I see that it is wasteful and make hassle of you when moving databases. So I stop it.

dcausse assigned this task to Tuanminh01.

@Tuanminh01 thanks a lot for your rapid response!

I'm closing this ticket since actions have been taken by the bot owner.