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<mapframe>: title attribute of map shapes are not shown as tooltip
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It is possible to add external data to a Kartographer map. Sources of these external data are OpenStreetMap via Wikidata Id or a from Wikimedia Commons. But in contrast to map markers no tooltip information is shown for these geo objects.

See for instance: On the map you will see a train track in blue color named Harzquerbahn and several map markers. If you move the mouse onto a marker a tooltip is shown but not if you move the mouse onto the geoline object.

The geoline object is described in the wgKartographerLiveData JavaScript variable.


Please note the title value.

For this geoline object the following HTML code is created:

<div class="leaflet-pane leaflet-overlay-pane">
  <svg pointer-events="none" class="leaflet-zoom-animated" width="358" height="358" style="transform: translate3d(-105px, -52px, 0px);" viewBox="-105 -52 358 358">
      <path class="leaflet-interactive" stroke="#0000C0" stroke-opacity="0.5" stroke-width="4" stroke-linecap="round" stroke-linejoin="round" fill="none" d="M-69 306L13 224L5 174L18 38L38 25L137 7L200 -47"></path>

If you add a title attribute title="Harzquerbahn" to the leading div or the following svg tag then the tooltip information would be shown.

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If you move the mouse onto a marker a tooltip is shown but not if you move the mouse onto the geoline object.

works for me ?

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For me, a tooltip is the information on a yellow background which is based on the tags title attribute and shown on mouseover event. I do not think about the pop-up window (with title and image) which is opened by a mouse click.

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Checked. This is in Leaflet Marker functionality. The GeoJSON features using Polyline and Polygon do indeed not support this.