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Create a "my first NodeJS OAuth tool" tutorial for Toolforge
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Similar to

Wanted: A detailed but not technical jargon-heavy guide explaining how to create a NodeJS OAuth tool

Should include:

Cut-n-paste instructions for everything
Creating a new service group (ugh that name)
Choosing a license
Publishing source code
Adding a Tool:* documentation page
Where to look next for help with more advanced use cases

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The first draft of the tutorial is here: The tool works locally, a few more tweaks to get it to work in the Toolforge environment.

Very nice. One thing: when I last coded a nodejs toolforge web tool I found that express actually receives the toolname in the uri, i.e. if you request it receives /toolname/, unlike uwsgi which mounts / on /toolname/. Could you confirm whether that is still the case? If so, do you think it would worth to figure out a way to do the 'mount'?

@zhuyifei1999 Sorry for the late reply! Your comment here was helpful and you were right, express receives the tool name in the URI. I am now using the express router middleware that helps mount sub-apps on a mount point. I couldn't find anything cleaner than this :P I've made the related changes to the tutorial.

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