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Menus get hidden on mobile version
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On the mobile version of the notification page the menu gets partially hidden. It seems that the z-index of the menu (or the header that currently appears on top) needs some adjustment.,

The issue was illustrated by @alexhollender with the screenshot below:

Event Timeline

The issue can be reproduced easily with

iPhone 6 (a real device) does not have the issue:

Also not reproducible using Safari's responsive mode:

I can reproduce this on Android

I re-checked all the previous cases when the issue was present (Chrome mobile emulator, mobile web, Minerva skin) with the current production build (wmf.3) and betalabs - the issue is not reproducible anymore. Could it be the case when only the first click does not evoke menu correctly?

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Per @Etonkovidova's comment above.

Please reopen if you can still see the issue somewhere.

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Checked on my phone, no errors.