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Investigate PEP 503 repo for production deployment of python wheels
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Python code in production shares similar challenges, one of which is to bend the packaging system to our constraints. ORES has a mostly robust and performant solution, recently improved in T181071, but we'd prefer to standardize on a common strategy for storing and installing wheels in this secure environment.

An internal pip repo, conforming to PEP 503 and passed to pip using --index-url might solve the first half of this problem. Then, for the installation we might want to have scap do the heavy lifting, telling it to "install_from_requirements_txt" or something.

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awight created this task.Apr 18 2018, 6:31 PM
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By using SSDD, this would be obsolete. Because the containers will ship all of the dependencies alongside the code. @akosiaris if my assumption is correct, we can probably close this.

@Ladsgroup I don't think that's correct. There still needs to be a way to install dependencies into containers at some stage in the build process, assuming that there's a non-zero number of libraries that are packaged by us and shared by more than one app.

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