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New Gerrit UI doesn't work well with browser addons like GhostText
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If JavaScript or browser addons like GhostText are used to alter the comment textareas in the new Gerrit UI, it seems to ignore those modifications.

To reproduce:

  1. Open an inline comment.
  2. Enter "This does not work" in the text area.
  3. Using the browser's debug console, change the value to "It worked!"
    • For example, in Firefox, right click and select "inspect element". Then enter $0.value = "It worked" in the console.
    • Alternatively, use an addon such as GhostText. Probably the same will happen with witkExEditor, Textern, or It's All Text!, but I haven't tried them.
  4. Observe that the textarea is now displaying the text "It worked!"
  5. Click "Save".
  6. Observe that the text Gerrit saved still says "This does not work".

Expected behavior:

At step 6, the text Gerrit saved should have matched the textarea: "It worked!".

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