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Gerrit's New UI reply dialog ignores Ctrl-Z
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To reproduce:

  1. Use Gerrit new UI (polygerrit)
  2. Open a change and click "Reply".
  3. Type foo bar.
  4. Select the a in bar
  5. Type z. The text now reads "foo bzr"
  6. Type Ctrl + Z, which in normal text areas is "undo"
  7. Observe that the change was not undone: the text is still foo bzr

Expected behavior:
In step 6, the text would again read "foo bar".

Additional notes:

This is with the new Gerrit UI (polygerrit), the old UI (GWT based) works as expected.

You could then continue by pressing Ctrl + + Z (or Ctrl + Y, at least in my version of Firefox) which would redo the change to produce foo bzr.

You should also be able to type a long paragraph, making many edits, and use Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + + Z to repeatedly undo and redo, as is the case in a standard textarea.

For whatever reason this bug does not occur when making an inline comment, only when using the reply popup.

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Ctrl-z works for me.

Anomie added a comment.Mar 9 2019, 2:29 PM

Still not working for me in Firefox 65 at

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