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Suggestion: Modify and Deploy RC Patrol extension from wikiHow onto Wikimedia projects.
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I have used this tool located at Special:RCPatrol for patrolling recent changes on wikiHow, and it is a good extension. Just a few changes need to be made to make it usable on Wikimedia projects and on the new version of MediaWiki.

The special page is located here (it appears invisible to unregistered users).

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Is the source code available?

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I am unsure about the source code just for RC patrol, but I do know the source code that wikiHow runs off of is located at

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That page states they run MediaWiki 1.22 which was supported until 2014 (means: their custom code likely requires updates to run in supported MW versions).
Code might be in the subfolder /extensions/wikihow/rcpatrol if anyone felt like playing with that and working on updating that code.

(Please do not prioritize tasks if you don't plan to work on them. Thanks!)

@Aklapper wikiHow just upgraded to MediaWiki 1.33:

But this probably will require modification anyway to get the extension running on Wikimedia projects.

ashley added a subscriber: ashley.Aug 31 2019, 2:41 AM

Most wikiHow things, or dare I say all of them, are not 1:1 portable to vanilla MW as-is and have been designed with the wikiHow platform and its requirements etc. in mind. Or to put it somewhat bluntly, they're a dependency hell. (Mind you, the same certainly is true for certain "regular" MediaWiki extensions as well.)

A few extensions originally of wikiHow origin, though (ironically) not currently used on wikiHow, which are somewhat maintained on WMF gerrit are MultiUpload, SpamDiffTool and TextScroller. (mw:Category:Extensions by wikiHow has 5 pages as of now.)

But as for this specific ticket, I'm curious as to why you'd like to have the RCPatrol extension installed? I've never considered it that great myself, so I figured there must be something I'm missing as plenty of other people have found RCPatrol very useful.

The main problem is that going through recent changes on large projects like Wikipedia is a nightmare. Because Wikipedia gets thousands of edits every hour, it becomes extremely difficult to patrol recent changes for vandalism, etc.

Filtering edits helps very little as there are many false positives or false negatives. Sure there are bots like Cluebot NG that reverts vandalism with high accuracy. However, bots like these have been criticized for being too robotic and not super human.

RC patrol has a "quick edit" feature to correct simple mistakes in good-faith attempts to improve Wikimedia projects. It also has a "quick note" feature to allow more human messaging to a specific editor. If a user makes a mistake by accidentally patrolling a bad edit, they can go back and revert the change easily. Also a user can send thanks (more technically thumbs up with wikiHow's implementation) to other editors for good edits with one click.

This is what RC patrol users see when patrolling edits. This tool is intuitive and works directly in your browser, meaning no discrepancies between mobile or desktop. (Not everyone edits from a device that supports AutoWikiBrowser or Huggle.)