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Number of retained editors apparently still includes all editors, not just new editors
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Example affected event:

It has 52 new editors, with 372 new editors retained. Something's off! =p

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The only event I observed this issue was for

I noticed when I hit "update stats" it reloaded instantly. For that many participants/wikis, it shouldn't go that fast. Sure enough, it seems the job wasn't actually firing (or something). The "Last updated" timestamp even said February 2018. So, I went into the console and manually updated the stats, and now it's fixed...

My guess is the job got stuck somehow. I think this can be solved but using a cronjob to run the app:spawn-jobs console command. We had talked about doing this when we first set up the job queue system, but I guess we never created the cronjob. It looks like Kubernetes cronjobs are a thing, but not officially supported on Toolforge and they are a bit complicated to set up: The normal jsub grid engine job I don't think will work because it will use an older version of PHP. I have created T192954

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@Shouston_WMF I guess I should ask... are you aware of any other events where the retention stats looks off (e.g. is more than the number of "new editors")? The one we looked at WMCON I believe was which has now been fixed.

@MusikAnimal - I just took a look and couldn't find any more. I think we saw one other when we were sitting together in Berlin, but seems like that's fixed!