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Supporting a local file/image commons repository instead of Wikimedia commons
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Todo: @Loz to add more information and we will discuss tomorrow

From Adam:

Possible options include:

  • Generalizing CommonsMediaType to enable easy reuse for other mediawiki media repos
  • Simply using URLs?
  • Modifying & or including the current gadget used on for displaying images on the item page as an extension or packed up in some other way?

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Will discuss more tonight with Dragan Espenschied and will update group.

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Here are related discussions/issues:

I think it would be great if a local Wikibase would respect settings for the local file repository to be used, or using a remote one if configued.

Maybe as a later step, the used repository could be selected per Commons-type property, but I think the main benefit right now for a federated instance would be to work with images and other files that don't fit the mission of Wikimedia Commons.

Simply using URLs is not great since that would remove all benefits the integration of a file repository would bring, such as resizing, thumbnail view during editing, etc.

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