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Common features for Wikibase frontends
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  • Common features for cross-Wikibase frontends
    • Pulling data from multiple Wikibases
    • Pushing data to multiple Wikibases
    • Coordination of authentication mechanisms
    • Graph validation across Wikibases
  • Single Wikibase frontends
    • OAuth
    • Visualizing results from WDQS
    • Understanding ShEx
    • Formatter urls
    • How to combine a Mediawiki (i.e. Wikibase) with a design framework and keep key Mediawiki features, like: logins, translations, etc. (was T192997)
    • How does a custom Mediawiki interface design (e.g. if it’s using a Js framework) need to interact with Lua scripts in order to have more control over what happens in the frontend? (was T192998)

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@Daniel_Mietchen we need a more detailed description of what you would like from this.
We think you might be describing a new product?
Could you provide some more details of what the user would be doing?
Can we have a / some user stories?


User Story:As a user, I want to _________ so I can _________

Context of use: I assume the user would to _______ because___

Current Problems: Currently, _________ this is not good, because ________

Possible Solution: One way to improve the situation for the user is

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