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San José label has encoding errors
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The label appears on zoom 7, and on zoom 8 a "San José" label appears on z8.

The zoom and encoding error tells me

  • there is a Natural Earth encoding error,
  • it's failing to match the city against the OSM object

Looking at the OSM node it has official_name=San José de Mayo

The current code considers name and name:en when matching.

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This looks like a UTF-8 string is being (mis)interpreted as ISO-8859-1, which commonly happens on the web when the Content-Type HTTP header is missing. For historical reasons, that header defaults to iso-8859-1, even though almost everything is utf-8 now. Another context in which this can happen is database fields, which often have similarly unhelpful encoding defaults.

Yes, it's an encoding error, but not one related to HTTP.

Looking at the database, this is geonameid=3440639 from ne_places, and displays the same in my terminal, which is set up appropriately for unicode.

The name is \x53616e204a6f73c383c2a9206465204d61796f, which, stripping the understandable prefix and suffix, leaves c3 83 c2 a9.

ogr2ogr -f PostgreSQL -lco GEOMETRY_NAME=way -lco SPATIAL_INDEX=FALSE \
  -lco EXTRACT_SCHEMA_FROM_LAYER_NAME=YES -nln loading.ne_places \
  --config SHAPE_ENCODING WINDOWS-1252 -explodecollections -t_srs EPSG:3857 \
  -clipsrc -179.999999999 -85.05112877980659 179.999999999 85.05112877980659 \
  PG:dbname=ct data/ne_places/ne_10m_populated_places_simple.shp

Running this by hand warns

Warning 1: One or several characters couldn't be converted correctly from WINDOWS-1252 to UTF-8.
This warning will not be emitted anymore

Natural Earth used to be in WINDOWS-1252, but this seems to have changed. Fixed in and pulling new external data. This won't fix the failure to match the label which has implications for multilingual names

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