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Allow Special:Log to be filtered by one or more log_type's and log_action's (checkboxes)
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Author: happy_melon

This has been suggested before, and even an inverse filter raised significant performance concerns (T13739: Inverse selection for [[Special:Log]]). However, the benefit of having a checkbox-type system to select which log types to include would be great. Is this at all possible?



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Being able to query one specific action from a log type required a big index to be added (bug 18954), but that was done (SpecialPage UI hasn't been implemented yet, API interface is working, see bug 18954 commet 8).

Being able to filter by more than 1 type or action is more complicated, not sure if that is possible on the live cluster with a generic index on such a big dataset.

Currently it would get results by order of type/action first, not by timestamp. And given the large number of log actions, filtering type A, B and C with limit to 50 results would only yield 50 results of A.

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