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Mobile Personas
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Research goals:

Identify audience segments [4] relevant to users of Wikipedia on mobile devices

Understand the significance of various dimensions of user (e.g. differences by lifestage, cultural factors), usage (e.g. motivations, patterns and/or critical features), entrypoint (e.g. native apps, mobile web, channel apps) and conceptual understanding (e.g. consuming vs. contributing, content confidence flags)

To infuse research effort with subject matter expertise by involving WMF mobile team members in research and persona development

Summary of methodology and high level findings [blurb/overview]
Develop new context-specific personas [5] to replace the outdated pragmatic personas, using the graphic design style/format developed by internal WMF team [6][7]
Research instruments (screeners, scripts, raw documentation, etc.)

[4] Audience map:
Stakeholder for audience map -
[5] K. Goodwin. Perfecting your personas, [web article], 15 May 2008, (accessed 28 Aug 2017)

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