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Additional improvements to the way example queries are presented in the WDQS interface
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For beginner / intermediate level users, the examples can be very helpful, but they are not very well defined at the moment. There could be further descriptive information added to the example listing, such as tags or a short description of what "action" the query performs.

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Are you referring to the examples on ?

image.png (187×386 px, 8 KB)

Could you give an example from the existing ones that is well defined, and a counter-example for an ill-defined one? (This could help me to understand your needs better)

Thanks for very quick response!

Yes, the examples we were looking at were from WDQS.

We felt like a tagging system can be helpful, as utilised here in this example from the life sciences:
@Gstupp could perhaps give a more clear use-case example of the madlib style filling in that could happen there

With a few other users at the workshop we discussed it might be helpful if that example had a short description outlining what the query does (vs just having a title "cats") because that might make it easier for people to relate to these examples even if they come from a very different field. Once you know what the query does, you can easily replace "cats" with paintings for example. This is very basic, but it can be helpful for more complex queries as well, perhaps. This will need user testing of course to refine.