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There are a few missing "ge-5" pagecounts file from 2016
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Probably because of a hiccup, the "ge-6" files from July, August and September are missing from

pagecounts-2016-06-views-ge-5-totals.bz2 01-Jul-2016 08:29 496476430
pagecounts-2016-06-views-ge-5.bz2 01-Jul-2016 07:42 4078914349
pagecounts-2016-06.bz2 03-Jul-2016 20:00 5091264480
pagecounts-2016-07-totals.bz2 01-Aug-2016 08:20 1183816398
pagecounts-2016-07.bz2 01-Aug-2016 07:14 4997617676
pagecounts-2016-08-totals.bz2 01-Sep-2016 10:26 1241197917
pagecounts-2016-08.bz2 01-Sep-2016 09:10 5223078841
pagecounts-2016-09-totals.bz2 01-Oct-2016 09:21 1298594693
pagecounts-2016-09.bz2 01-Oct-2016 07:58 5193969415
pagecounts-2016-10-views-ge-5-totals.bz2 01-Nov-2016 09:04 527133564

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