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CX2 - "Cannot read property 'content' of null TypeError" -translation cannot load
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(1) start a new translation (do not publish)
(2) after the translation will be saved, click e.g. on 'All translation' and then load the started translation.
The Console will display the following warning and the translation never finish loading:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'content' of null
    at Object.<anonymous> 
    at Array.forEach
    at new MwCxDmTranslation 
    at MwCXInitTranslation

Note1: I do not think that lang is important - but I tried it with en-es

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(For testing after the fix) - there were other different errors when started translation were loaded. I'll need to check older saved translation not only the new ones.

When debug is enabled,

Critical error: Content translation failed to load due to internal error.
GET 404 (Not Found)


[CX] Translation initialization failed. @ VM886:1283
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Not sure if these are related, but we may want to check T192065 as we investigate this.

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CX1 is fine. No such errors there.

Checked in cx2 - saved translation load without "Cannot read property 'content' of null TypeError" error. Some articles display different errors (see my comment on T193159: Source sections are not saved.