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Timeless-Skin: Headers are trimmed
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One timeless-Skin the header with the filename and the header "File info" are trimmed on the top:

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Hello, I'm having difficulties reproducing the bug, here's what I did so far:

  • Installed and set Timeless skin on my localsystem.
  • Tried importing pages (Special:Import) , still couldn't find the location where the bug is.

Can "Steps to reproduce the bug" be added to the description?

Hi @Akhilam513, sorry for not being specific enough. This is not about the page-import (Special:Import) but about the file-import by the File-Importer-Extension currently being developed by Wikimedia Germany.

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Why's the height for the header in the image so short?

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Not sure a bug whose live reproduceability is hidden behind an advanced right makes a good first bug.

Okay, I may have been looking at the wrong thing. Could someone please provide the following information:

  1. What extension is this, exactly?
  2. A URL where normal users can access the feature, or can get the rights to do so
  3. Clear steps to take at said URL to reproduce the issue specifically
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This was slightly trickier to test, given that the FileExporter extension is a beta feature which has to be activated on Special:Preferences for the link to the extension to show up on eligible files' file description pages.

Upon visiting a URL like this, I get a page similar to the screenshot; however, the issue illustrated in the screenshot is not present anymore (although some other template-related formatting issues do seem to exist), so I'm closing this as invalid. If you disagree, please provide detailed information about your platform so we can look into this ticket again and try to reproduce on the exact same setup (where possible). Thanks!