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How does the GDPR affect Wikimedia sites and Wikibase instances?
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It's weird we don't have more information on the Phabricator. This was a topic of discussion during emails written internally in February, it is already planned for the year 2019 to check at two different dates of the year if the different projects are in compliance, the director of security and the deputy general counsel of the foundation deal with this compliance, but there is nothing on the Phabricator.

All the projects are already compliant?

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I checked with WMF Legal a few weeks ago - my understanding is that they are working on general statements for our projects, and a blog post on the topic, together with the Communications team at WMF; pinging @Slaporte.

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(First, IANAL)

LIBER Europe had an interesting webinar yesterday [0], tho aimed at academic research (so, only covering living scholar, for example). There are many aspects, but I feel this should indeed be covered at a WMF level. One aspect that makes Wiki${Foo} special is that it covered two types of personal information: the user accounts on one side, and personal information as data on the other side.

The focus, as explained in the webinar, is on a general legal framework embedded in purpose of the data in society. That makes every situation different, leaving the implementation also dependent on the use (and thus what you are allowed to do and what not). These things are different too for the two above sketched types of personal information. With the GDPR you need to inform the involved people on how you process the data... something like: your "user account" is used for our A&A process, etc. If you wish to share that data with others, it needs to be clear how the others will process that data.

Another interesting aspect that came up was the awareness if you make data available, what others might be able to do (downstream processing) when your data is combined with other data. That is, of course, extremely relevant to the data we have about humans (scholars, sporters, politicians) in Wikidata (or any Wikibase)... I have no idea what WMF/Wiki${Foo}'s responsibilities are in this respect... should we, for example, actively inform living humans with records in Wikidata (or Wikipedia, for what it's worth; nothing unique about Wikidata here)...

And that's where we are back with the aspect of the GDPR about the function/purpose in society... an encyclopedia is a normal purpose, to archive our collective knowledge about nature and our society, and the law seems to give a reasonable freedom... and courts will decide at some point the exact boundaries of that freedom...

Or, as the speakers in the webinar phrased it when speaking about how GDPR applies to some situation... "It depends..."


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Hi, I am a lawyer specialising in media and IT law, and pretty much all my work at the moment is GDPR-related. Happy to help.

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And the conclusion was …?

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