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"?uselang=qqx" throws exceptions with VisualEditor
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When you open a page with ?uselang=qqx and edit in VisualEditor, you get this in console (although the scripting is not interrupted, and VE works fine):

Test URL:
Chrome, Windows 8.1.

Update: the Deferred exception issue is resolved, only accesskey issue stays.

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I see invalid access keys, but not the deferred exception. Please provide your browser and operating system information, as well as the specific URL you were using to produce the issue.

After a quick search, I'd blame on this, wgLangNames[ conf.wgUserLanguage ] breaks when wgLangNames is undefined. That variable is defined at the bottom of the script, but only when the user's language is ru. So when this gadget is enabled, I expect things to break for any language other then Russian, and nothing specific to the pseudo langauge qqx.

@Deskana I'm sorry, I've updated the task description.

@Schnark, wow, thank you! Haven't even thought of that. So, only accesskey issue stays.

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I think the warnings like "Invalid accesskey data? Failed to register alt+shift+(accesskey-save)" are expected. For better or worse, accesskeys in MediaWiki can be overridden using localisation messages. So we try to get the accesskey from the 'accesskey-save' message, and instead of something like "s", we get the qqx placeholder like "(accesskey-save)". This is already handled and generates this warning instead of an exception (T153472).