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Lose of focus when a dialog has another input
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Follow up to T162127,

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Safari, or, Android Mobile
  2. Open MediaWiki:OOjsPrompt2.js (Its source is here)
  3. Try to write something on that input

You can't as it immediately focuses on <select>

I guess it should work.

See the attachment,

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That's not the case on Android Chrome or Firefox browser.
But that doesn't matter, as the problem lays in the code appending native form elements to a TextInputWidget. OOUI's TextInputWidget is wrapped in a label element for accessibility reasons and the native select is appended within the TextInput's label, which is an accessibility violation.
You should rather turn the select widget into a DropdownWidget.
And consider turning the TextInput into a NumberInputWidget if it's just about line numbers.

Declining this for code reasons.

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