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Organisation of the categories
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We have to organize the categories and subcategories the project is going to use for the contest. For example: - Main category: Images by Wiki Loves Love 2018 - Subcategories: Valentine's gifts or the love day gifts, Romantic gestures

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Hello Psychoslave,

The sub-categories I suggest are:

  1. Monuments
  2. Book Covers
  3. Valentine's gifts
  4. tender gestures
  5. Romantic instruments

Whatever list we come from at the end, I think we should keep one or two extra "yet to determine" categories in mind, and take care to have resource for prizes on it. We don't really what to expect, so it's better if we can give ourself a bit of flexibility.

The idea is that promoted categories serve as guide for participant, and only thus with which we came from as an explicit list will be promoted. But if the jury happen to find a new relevant theme while doing its job, it's cool to let them promote an extra category or two, istn't it?

Book covers is tricky, we have to be sure the book cover is not a ongoing copyrighted material. But >100 books are probably ok. So I would say, we promote that as "cover of ancient books related to love" and we give more information in details:)

We could have also

  1. Love in the wild: pictures inspiring love but which don't involve humans

For 3. we might promote it in a different manner that don't limit the topic to Valentine day, but also other day of love. Actually, we could turn it to "day dedicated to love".

Also we should have 7. Love ceremonies

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