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Investigate OTRS - GDPR compatibility
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Currently all e-mail to info@ goes to OTRS at Which is not hosted in the EU.

This most likely makes it incompatible with GDPR. Investigate alternatives, including the possibility of an OTRS platform hosted by one of the EU chapters.

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@Historiker @Jopparn I'm passing this one to you guys as it is more likely to involve coordination with the other EU chapters than anything else.

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I just sent an email about the issue to the ED's mailing list.

Data being stored outside the EU doesn't immediately make it GDPR non compliant. Conversely, storing it in the EU doesn't make it GDPR compliant either.

I have just sent an email to the chairpersons mailing list.

Wikimedia Italia has just answered that they have their own OTRS instance.

Three EDs have answered so far, and none are using an OTRS instance for work done by the chapter.

Likely not an issue for WMSE as we will be switching over to having this as a Group inbox in GSuite

Not needed any more [from WMSEs pov]

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