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Show median pageviews in addition to average
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This would give a better idea of what the typical traffic is when there is a single outlying spike in pageviews on a particular day in the date range (which throws off the average)

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We might only show the median if there is a spike in traffic, so basically the same logic as when the logarithmic scale is automatically shown.

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It might also be worth considering to only show median values:

  • If there are irregularities, the median is the more robust value and should be shown instead of the mean.
  • If there are no large irregularities the mean and the median shouldn't differ much and either one could be shown.

The implementation would then be relatively simple by swapping the mean calculations for a call to a median function and adapting the documentation accordingly. Unfortunately I have no experience in node development so won't be of much help with the actual work.

I agree that there doesn't need to be an automatic differentiation between median and mean; the whole point of using the median is making it an universally useful metric. And I like the proposal!

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Thanks for the fine suggestion! The median is now shown whenever the log scale would automatically be shown, which a rough detection of a spike in the dataset. The formula used for this might need to be tweaked. I don't want to always show the median because I think many people might be confused by it.

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