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Can quicksurveys be used to build a page rating system for documentation?
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Is quick surveys (or something else we already have) capable of providing a "rate this doc" widget that feeds an EventLogging schema that we can use to gather feedback/metrics?

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Afaict from glancing through the various pages, it's not possible to specify which specific pages quicksurveys appear on(?). IIUC it is shown to a percentage of page-viewers across a wiki (e.g. 0.5%), on desktop and/or mobile. Main docs are at mw:Extension:QuickSurveys/Deploying surveys. There's a mobile-version screenshot at m:Quicksurveys, and some usage notes at m:QuickSurveys/Guidelines but I'm not sure what else it is capable of? I found 2 Schema pages at m:Schema:QuickSurveyInitiation and m:Schema:QuickSurveysResponses but I can't grok/summarize what they mean.

Separately, there's been a lot of discussion and note-making over the last few years about creating a new product, at T89970: Enable microsurveys for long-term tracking of editing experience . The scratch notes comparison table (currently on Officewiki) might be useful for understanding the gaps.

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Based on @Quiddity's comments in T194099#4189182 I think we can say that QuickSurveys is not currently able to support our desired use case.

Our most promising idea at the moment is a custom MediaWiki-extensions-EventLogging schema and a gadget on wikitech that collects feedback from the user and fires off eventlogging events. @srodlund and I also discussed using this setup to record an event for each Help namespace pageview on wikitech to give us a rough idea of documentation usage.