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How to properly design and write browser tests
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Talk (45 minutes)

  • Go over the basics of browser testing
  • How to design browser testing and architect it?
  • What can we do to improve
  • Design together a piece of broken code and with small incremental changes make it better and easier to work with

Q&A (15 minutes)

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Just making sure you are aware of T190046: Write Selenium tests in JavaScript/Node.js workshop and T190687: Pair on writing Selenium tests in JavaScript/Node.js. I will try to attend this session and I hope to see you at my sessions! 😄

I am and i'm planning to attend them, my session is more Web testing 101... nodejs is just example, we are mostly going to talk about Loadable Page Object design pattern + Facade pattern.

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This session is in a room with video recording capabilities. Would you like this session recorded for YouTube / Commons?
Pinging @bcampbell as he will be helping with this.

@Rfarrand @bcampbell yes why not, could be very cool thing to have on video

@RazShuty do you want the session live streamed or just recorded? Either way, it's the same amount of work for me.

live stream is fine by me

Public livestream on MediaWiki YouTube channel:

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