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Preloaded edit summaries using &summary= are not recognised by the "prompt for edit summary" preference
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Author: happy_melon

I recognise that having the "prompt for edit summary" preference discount automatic edit summaries is a Good Thing, but I'm inclined to think that having it ignore summaries that are preloaded using the new &summary= parameter to index.php is a Bad Thing. But that's what currently happens; even if the preloaded summary is entirely deleted and re-entered, it is not recognised. I use the "prompt for edit summary" preference as a useful safety check when testing edits to live templates, but when someone has gone to the trouble of writing a preload summary for you, it would be only polite to use it :D

Version: 1.15.x
Severity: normal



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shubinator1 wrote:

I've noticed this too. A fix would be appreciated.

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