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Sign personuppgiftsbiträdesavtal with GleSYS
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For GDPR purposes we need a signed personuppgiftsbiträdesavtal with GleSYS

  • Recieve and complete details of agreement
  • Sign and send agreement to GleSYS
  • Receive signed agreement
  • Archive

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We recieved an agreement template from GleSYS and have filled in our additional details.
Based on T192556: Inventory of FSdata and Glesys I've specified the following as types of personal data.

  • Kontaktinformation
  • Användarnamn och lösenord
  • Kommunikation mellan användare
  • Födelsedatum (i.e. date of birth for the artists)

Needs to be signed and then either posted to GleSYS (2 copies) or scanned and e-mailed to them.

Passing this one to you @Jopparn

@Jopparn: You signed and sent this?

@Evelina-Bang-WMSE : When this comes back and is archived would you mind resolving this task and un-italicising GleSYS on our list of Personuppgiftsavtal

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