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Add warning to deepcat infotext
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Problem statement:
As discussed in this T194139 ticket, deepcat is not enabled on all wikis at the moment. We should inform the user of this potential issue.

Task description:
Add warning to the infotext of the deepcat keyword.

deepcatwarning.png (839×668 px, 156 KB)

I'm a bit confused because on commons i only find this icon but the current OOUI icons use this alert icon. So I guess preferably the latter in orange but if that's not possible in time for the deploy then the one already on commons will do.

The link in list.

Acceptance criteria:

  • The warning text appears in the infotext of the deepcat keyword where advanced search is enabled.

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@gabriel-wmde I've updated the mock. Can you let me know if it works this time?

Looks good. Thank you!

My inner designer wants to align the text with the other headings, but it's common practice to have the warning symbol proceed the text so I think it should stay this way.

Two text things:

  • could we add a full stop after the last sentence
  • could we add a comma after "wen not supported,..."

The link you provided is a very bad-looking plaintext file. Is there something better?

That's what I got from Lea and that's what Stas will update if I understood correctly.

@Lea_WMDE I'll revert the question back to you.

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