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[Epic] Build out PAWS as an alternative to Toolforge
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Increase stability & enhance features of PAWS (e.g. support more languages) and promote as alternative to Toolforge for some technical workflows

  • roughly estimated 9-12 month project
  • would be broken down into incremental enhancements which would be deployed as the features were implemented
  • initial: .5 root, 2 SWE, .5 tech writer, 1 UI/UX designer/researcher, .25 community liaison
  • sustaining: .25 root, .5 SWE, .10 tech writer, .10 UI/UX designer/researcher, .10 community liaison

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With, you can get 'real' ssh access to your JupyterHub instance, via your JupyterHub access token. This means anyone with a SUL login can then login to PAWS, get a token that'll let them *ssh* in. SFTP is also supported.

This appears to be outside of the scope of PAWS. The ephemeral nature of PAWS makes it good for testing, or running bots that need run manually, though it is poor for services that need continuous or scheduled running, much resource, or significant collaboration are not strong suits of PAWS. Indeed when these things are desired it is our normal process to direct people to Toolforge. As such having more clear lines between the two services (Toolforge and PAWS) is desirable.