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Jigsaw puzzles using Commons images?
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Recently I've found some proprietary online sites that create online jigsaw puzzles from user supplied images.

Would it be possible for there to be a jigsaw applet (HTML5 Canvas based ideally) that could be used to generate jigsaw puzzles from bitmap images on Commons (especially some of the higher resolution featured images)?

My thoughts were that such an applet would as well as needing the raster image, need some custom 'cutting' layouts, which could be supplied by means of an svg file defining the cut lines or peice shapes. This would allow for 'custom' puzzles to be created where the 'pieces' cut out would be unique to that puzzle ( Such as in for example a map style jigsaw were the peices would be political subdivisions for example.)

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I think anyone is free to write such a tool on Toolforge at if wanted.
See for more information.

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@ShakespeareFan00 mentioned this on Discord, and I wrote an example script to break up an image based on an SVG die.

Is this the sort of thing you were thinking of? (Obviously plus UI.)

That was exactly the sort of thing I had in mind as a first step :)
(I would suggest updating it to use a different example image however, The one it's using currently has a complex copyright situation.)

Good thought. I've changed it to something well out of copyright.

I can turn this into the basics of a proper jigsaw app on Toolforge, but UI design isn't my forte. Perhaps we could find an existing JS jigsaw system and mimic their UI.

All the existing JS libraries I can see use square pieces. Bother. Let's see.