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Create a community engagement survey.
(15-12 months) By June

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Created a draft fot the Community Engagement Survey.

Review and introduce new questions if needed.
Decide how to send the survey, with Google Drive, LimeSurvey...

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The draft was shown on the BWUG steering committee and we do not have any proposal for questions after almost a month.
I would go on with this survey.
@Theklan which do you think is the best way to do it?

The Community Engagement Survey has been created (Basque, Spanish and English) and sended to some people in our community who might be interested in the event. We will continue sending it to more people.

Deadline for responses: 20th of August
Once we have the responses, make an analysis and introduce them in the Grant Proposal.

We have received a total of 28 responses and their analysis has been introduced in the Grant Proposal.
These answers will be used for the design of the program

Today I have sent the endorsement link to Wikipedia+Education Facebook group.

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