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Please add * to the wgCopyUploadsDomains whitelist of Wikimedia Commons
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A lot of images from Voice of America are in the public domain under {{PD-USGov-VOA}}, so uploading photos directly from their website would be very convenient.

A lot of low-quality VOA photos with watermarks are uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, though I've figured out that I can upload the original photos from (see the file history of this example).

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The important majority of pictures present in articles I opened are watermarked AP or Reuters. Only a few of them are marked as created by VOA. So the majority of the pictures are not under free license. I think it's risky to put the whole domain in the whitelist.
Note also that the link to term of use policy in the template is dead.

I can't speak to ratio of copyrighted to public domain photos on VOA. However, I think we should keep in mind that uploading files from a URL (the upload_by_url user right) is only available to Extended Uploaders, GWToolset users, Admins, and Image Reviewers; users who are already trusted to be familiar with Commons' copyright policy. Anyone who abuses their rights by uploading copyrighted images can have those rights revoked.

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If this is still needed, it can be discussed on Commons.